Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens – They’re Everywhere!!!!

It was…a massacre. When whatever happened happened, New York City and its environs were an immediate lost cause. The canyons of Manhattan, the streets of Brooklyn, the endless highways of Long Island and New Jersey, all as densely packed as before the apocalypse began…with walking corpses. The rest of the world is no better, often worse.

 The smaller islands around Manhattan are the final refuge for the last of the living.  Roosevelt Island, severed from the city in so many ways, is holding out longer than most, but the survivors there have nearly run out of ground, trapped in three far-flung parts of the island.

 Yet what remains of humanity has begun to fight back against the undead plague. Paramilitary groups have organized. Poorly armed, hopelessly outnumbered, and clearly out of their minds – these heroes are the last hope of humanity. The best of them are being recruited by Uncle Sam to bring the good fight to the living dead. Roosevelt Island is where the last stand will be made, and the beginning of the new world will begin, if there is to be a beginning. This is your chance to do good and find a place for yourself in an undead world.

On October 26th, 2013 you will arrive at Firefighter’s Field – not far from where the tram and the F train once delivered harried locals — and take your shot.

Time is short. Your mission is to save the remaining humans before they join the undead.

Unless, you’ve already been infected. If that’s the case, it’s your job  to eat them!!!

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What Is This? Did I Miss The Apocalypse?

Zombies  Take Manhattan! is the newest running event from the evil geniuses at NYCRUNS.  Runners can play as either Zombies or Humans and will run or walk a course of about 3.5 miles while playing a game that incorporates elements of flag football and capture the flag.

Though this is not really a competitive event, the top zombies and humans will earn prizes.  However, the emphasis is on fun and runners and walker of all ages are welcome. After you’ve finished rescuing people (or eating them), you’ll enjoy a post race party featuring local rockers The Fades.

Sign Up Now For The Most Death Defying Run You’ll Ever Do!